crypto exchanges' market data and custom analytics

Dropcopy provides real time access to pricing data from several cryptocurrency exchanges as well as our own quantitative data in a single API

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Real time data

We provide access to real time data from several crypto currency exchanges using websockets. You no longer have to put up with the cumbersome task of connecting to exchanges with REST APIs and the accompanying restrictions rate limits.

Our data is data is real time, all the tie with no rate limit of any kind.

Unified API

We have normalized the market data feed across several exchanges so you don't have to write custom handlers for every exchange.

Global order book

We provide an aggregated order book across several exchanges so you get a real time notifications of arbitrage opportunities.

Customer support

We offer an unparalled customer support via phone or email. We monitor all exchanges using sophisticated network monitoring tools.

Streaming technical analysis

Our suite of data includes several internally calculated technical analysis and trading indicator.

These technical analysis are streamed directly from our API and can be consumed by algorithmic trading applications. The analysi include: MACD, EMA, MA, SMA, WMA, ATR, NATR, true range, Bolinger bands, Doji, Doji star, Linear regression, median price, momentum, rate of change, RSI, Stochastic, variance, Williams' %R

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Our data

Access to our data is via WebSockets. We do not offer REST API access or any other form of "pull" access as they slow, inefficient and prone to latency issues.

We provide our data in two different formats. a binary format using google protobuf and a human readable text format, JSON


JSON data is streamed as application/json media type


Protobuf data format uses proto3 version and all data is optimised for LITE_RUNTIME.

Multi-language support

Support for C/C++, Java, Python, .net and a host of other programming languages.

Low Latency

single digit millisecond latency of data delivery

One stop shop for algorithmic analysis and trading

You can write to all the crypto exchanges and deal with the pecularities and nuances of each one. You can modify your code everytime each exchanges their api. You can incorporate network monitoring ot all the exchanges and code for system restarts and reconnect. You can code the various technical analysis yourself and manage errors that may result from data drops.

You can do all the above yourself or you can have us do it for you and you focus on writing the actual strategies that will make you money. With the market profile of various cryptocurrencies constantly changing, strategy developement should keep you well and truly busy.

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All prices below are monthly rates


Technical analysis data only


  • Unlimited technical analysis
  • WebSocket API
  • No exchange market data
  • No aggregated market data
  • No arbitrage alerts


Exchange market data only


  • Unlimited market data
  • Aggregated market data
  • Arbitrage alerts
  • WebSocket API
  • No technical analysis


Market data and technical analysis


  • Unlimited market data
  • Aggregated market data
  • Arbitrage alerts
  • Unlimited technical analysis
  • WebSocket API